Skull and Shackles

Cut-Throat Groks

In order to speed things up a bit when we get to playing, and because Cut-Throat is in love with Errol, I’m going to list what’s available at her store.

Now that you have cash you can buy things from her shop at a discount 10% discount from whatever is listed on the d20pfsrd site. Here is what’s available.

Mundane Gear
3 flasks of acid
4 flasks of alchemist fire
3 sets of thieves tools
1 set of masterwork thieves tools
candle of truth
potion of barkskin
potion of cure light wounds
potion of haste
masterwork climbers kit
disguise kit
4 flasks of holy water
masterwork light crossbow
three cutlasses
31 daggers
3 masterwork daggers
4 saps
masterwork sap
120 arrows
20 masterwork arrows
6 +1 arrows
banded mail
2 chain shirts
masterwork leather armor
3 suits of studded leather armor
12 bucklers
2 masterwork bucklers
+1 dagger
masterwork warhammer
scroll of cure moderate sounds
scroll of mage armor
scroll of magic missile
scroll of scorching ray
scroll of sumon swarm
wand of bless weapon.


I feel like buying all the chain mail and plate would seriously improve Erlick’s swimming and climbing skills.

Cut-Throat Groks

I think you might be onto something there!

Cut-Throat Groks
matthew_borgen matthew_borgen

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