Erlik "Metalfist"

Dwarf Grenadier (Alchemist) Is he a strong willed psychopath or a gullible mad man?


My name is not important, but if you must know, it is Erlik. I have experience at sea, but only by necessity, as dwarves are not fond of the sea.

As a youth my aptitude with potions and brews was noticed early. I was sent to a government school by the clan elders with the hopes of expanding our knowledge in the alchemical arts. While there, I was selected to participate in a special training program. It was purposely brutalizing, subjecting me to strange technology I did not understand, and leading to exposure to a dangerous chemical spill that ultimately fused my gauntlet to my arm and left me slightly disfigured. When I escaped to the wilds it was with full knowledge I could never go back to my normal life.

I remember only parts of my upbringing and my family. My father often spoke of a great lost dwarven empire, Trall, in a mountain by the sea. I have been searching for this place for years. I have been told it is a place of fiction, but my heart tells me it is true. I came to Port Peril to meet a contact who said he once knew the great warrior, Ulgen of Trall, and how to find him.

Key traits: paranoia, intelligence, distrust of technology, hatred of government, seeking Trall, controlled rage

Erlik "Metalfist"

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