Jerrick Zunitrix


Hair: Black
Ht: 5’ 10"
Wt: 190 lbs

Dress: Dark blue tunic with black tribal accents. Blue robe with black and white trim.

Items: Water tribe ring.



I come from a line of great fishermen. We don’t fish for sport, we fish to live. At an early age we are taught to respect the sea, to live in the sea and to thrive in the sea. Land has almost become an alien terrain to us. Our tribes were once divided, but under this respect of the sea we have become one. But that unity was not achieved overnight.

Long ago, my ancestors forged a ring for our people. This ring was created in an effort to unite the tribes, as a symbol of solidarity and brotherhood. Strangely enough, it worked. For generations this ring has been handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, and so on and so on. It’s said to have mysterious powers. Powers that don’t make themselves known to it’s owner right away. Some say this is how the tribes were united. Legends in the tribe tell of a great leader who bore the ring during a great drought fire. This fire nearly destroyed our entire village, that is, until a sudden downpour drenched the fire, extinguishing the threat and ending the drought. People claim to have witnessed the leader in some sort of trance, almost calling down the rains as they fell. Ring.jpg

I don’t know much about all of that. All I know is that as I wear it today, I can feel the sea calling to me, now more than ever. As I stand near the shoreline I can feel the ocean breathing as I breath, as if, somehow, we are one. But what does that mean?

Jerrick Zunitrix

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