About the World

The Pathfinder universe is based in Golarion, a world much like our own. But with magic.

Here is an in depth map of Golarion. This campaign takes place in the Shackles, a chain of islands to the south of a perpetual hurricane.

Here is an overly simplified map of the Golarion that roughly explains what each area is.

The following are areas/nations/explanations will be useful in understanding how certain characters interact with each other.

The Shackles – The Caribbean. It’s ‘capital’ is Port Peril.

Cheliax – The simplified map calls them Nazis, but I think a better analogy would be Victorian era Britain with devils. The country was a waning superpower with a three decade civil war when the matriarch of the (Thrice Damned) House of Thrune made a deal with a powerful devil giving her family the power the squelch the rebellion. The House of Thrune rules with an iron fist and the country of Cheliax and law reigns supreme. They control most of the Inner Sea trade and they HATE the pirates of the shackles.

Mwangi Expanse – Sub-Saharan Africa + voodoo

Osirion – Egypt

Rahadoum – Athiest desert nation

Varisia – Sort of a mishmash of Renaissance France and Italy

About the World

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