Jobs on a pirate ship

The most common jobs aboard a ship are rigger, swab, and cook.

Rigger Tasks:
Rigging Repair – Climb and Profession (sailor)
Line Work – Profession (sailor)
Upper Rigging Work – Climb and Profession (sailor)
Rope Work – Profession (sailor)
Lookout – Climb and Percpetion
Mainsail Duties – Profession (sailor)

Swab Tasks:
Man the Bilges
Rat Catcher
Swab the Decks
Hauling Rope and Knot work – Profession (sailor)
Repairs – Profession (sailor)

Cook’s Mate:
Cooking – Profession (cook)/Int check
Fishing – Profession (fisherman)/Survival
Turtle Hunting – Profession (fisherman)/Survival
Bull Session
Special Occasion – Profession (cook)/Int check

Jobs on a pirate ship

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