Party Loot

Potion of cure moderate wounds (x2)
Wand of produce flame (37 charges)

Captain’s Locker

Besmara’s Bones
Helm of underwater action
Slippers of spider climbing

Svingli’s Eye – Inam (but i’ll leave it here for now)

whale skull whose scrimshaw carvings function as arcane scrolls of: alter self, black tentacles, blur, color spray, daylight, enlarge person, hypnotism, slow, touch of idiocy, vampiric touch

2x masterwork studded leather
masterwork rapier
Regular chain shirt (Erlick’s old one)

~30g worth of mundane loot (sword sword/pike/crossbow/etc)

Mysterious “care package” loot:
Water purification sponge
2 vomit capsules
smelling salts
2 alchemist kindness
alchemist fire
2 stingchucks
ghast retch flask

Party Loot

Skull and Shackles matthew_borgen matthew_borgen